Saturday, August 27, 2016

Get Your Tickets Now - Farm Jam 9th October

Buy your tickets now for the Can of Worms Silhouette Farm Jam

Get your tickets now for the Can of Worms Farm Jam on 9th October at Silhouette Farm on the East Coast Resorts Road. Featured local artists include Kathy Raven, So Be It Union, Majik, the amazing Rolando and of course, yours truly.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Getting Funky with Kathy Raven

Kathy Raven and Can of Worms - anniversary gig 2016

We've been quiet on line for a few weeks while the worms all beaver away at getting the much anticipated first album completed in the studio. Last weekend saw us pop up to celebrate our one year "Gig-iversary"- that's right! 12 months since our first ever gig! We marked the occasion in style at a private event hosted at Tea in the Trees in Chintsa, which also celebrated April (our woodwind maestro) and and her husband Johnny's first wedding anniversary.