Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sons & Daughters Single Released

Brand new single Sons & Daughters now available for download on all major music distribution channels
In celebration of the release of our latest single Sons & Daughters we ran a campaign in recognition of the relationship between parents and their children featuring pictures of band members with their children or their parents. The single was released on Sunday 14th May - Mothers Day.

Sons & Daughters

"At first I was surprised and then I look into your eyes, I saw a reflection of me,
Gonna help you walk, gonna help you talk, giving you your own journey"

The song is one of our more mellow tunes with a laid back bass and guitar riff accompanied by a rhythmic bluesy flute melody and soulful vocals. Drummer Steve Meise wrote the lyrics and chords which focus on his relationship with daughter Simone - featured themselves on the single artwork. 

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Download your very own copy of
Sons & Daughters now!

Celebrating Sons & Daughters

In case you missed the social media campaign around the release I wanted to feature some of our top pictures of our own loved ones!

Mama Debs with daughter Mikayla & son Mike - music is life <3

How can you resist this little chappy?!
Baby Logan with Mama Linda and Papa Smurf Shaun

Little Pickle Cindy on her first day of school
with her lovely Ma

Dave Bass with beautiful daughter Olivia

Saxophonist April with Mama Spedds

Smiles all around from guitarist Niel and Ma Nelisa

An image of his father - baby Steve
and his dashing Dad

It's not too late to get involved - share your photos in celebration of Sons & Daughters on our facebook page or tag us @canofwormssa in your instagram and twitter feeds.

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