Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's All About the (Album) Artwork

Cover art: Artur Szygulski - The Dream of Flying
As you can imagine, a band with six members (plus a manager) at times finds it difficult to come to a unanimous decision... on ANYTHING! So finding and agreeing on the artwork for our debut album was quite a process.

After much to-ing and fro-ing... from space age worm-holes to plain and to the point, recycled cardboard with wax stamp seals to tin cans we thought we had a winner (although the decision was NOT unanimous). As we were about the drop the gavel on a simple and to the point but, let's be honest, not very exciting album cover... manager Shaun arrived.

Now Shaun is the kind of guy who likes to keep us happy and in agreement so in his pushing the point that even if we didn't agree... we HAD to just take a look at what he'd found.

And we're SO glad we did.

The Dream of Flying

The Cover Art: The Dream of Flying by Artur Szygulski instantly drew us in. At first glance the image is beautiful - the motion captured in the swirling branches and leaves and the concept of the rooted human-tree. When you look closely however, it is absolutely mind blowing; the minute detail of the grains of sand, stones and earth, the tree bark and depth of the vines climbing the body.

We are ever grateful that Artur agreed to the use of his image as the UnEarthed album artwork.

For once in band history, we came to a unanimous decision. We feel that the image connects to the ethos of our music, being rooted largely in nature but also in human-nature. The motion of the tree branches and vines, the swirling leaves simultaneous with the motion of our sounds and intricacies of our music.

If you get a chance look into more work by Polish artist Artur Szygulski.

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